Which Domain Extensions Rank the Best on Google?

Which Domain Extensions Rank The Best on Google?

While selecting the perfect domain for your website might feel like an incredibly important decision, much more significant to the critical success of your online activities is your decision to obligate to making plenty of quality content, ensuring ease of use, and nurturing lead generation potential. Selecting a familiar domain extension could help with your online business branding. If you want to rank high in Google, you must choose a gTLD (generic top level domains). A generic top-level domain is a top-level domain category which is easily known by a suffix linked to a domain name. These are used by the Internet’s Domain Name System. Here are six most common gTLD extensions to consider.

  1. .com
  2. .net
  3. .org
  4. .co
  5. .info
  6. .edu


This domain extension is uptill now the most common and most popular extension. It was originally used to design for profit businesses, but now it has become the backbone of domain extensions. While you are deciding on the domain extension which ranks best on Google, you should consider .com.


Similar to.com, this domain extension is also open to everyone. It was originally intended for internet service providers but now it has become a great alternative to .com. This domain extension is a good option for technology or app based companies because it infers to technology and network. If your business operates in those industries, .net makes perfect sense and can help legalize and communicate your services.


This extension is open for any individual or entity who present a non-profit organization. It is a common and most popular domain extension of government organizations, non-profit, politicians, political parties and online communities.


The .co extension is an exciting option if you’re asking what the six most common domain extensions are. It was initially selected the country code for Colombia, but has become a general option for worldwide domains. Creating a website with .co makes sense if you are a business, mainly if you’re a young startup that markets itself as original or exclusive.


This domain is best used if your website is only there for information or as a database of information. If you’re not selling anything, then this domain could work well.


This domain extension is not usually available for public registration, and is instead used by colleges and educational institutions.

Be sure that the domain extension you’re considering doesn’t come with any incorporated Google penalties. If buying from an existing site owner, ask to see the Google Analytics summary from the last six months. An intense drop in traffic is good reason to review.