Keyword Rich Domains and Search Engine Rankings

How Important Is A Keyword Rich Domain Name For Ranking?

Every day, millions of searches (search enquiries) take place online. These searches often comprise a variation of words and expressions made from keywords which play a role in defining the search results delivered by search engines. The keyword rich domain names might play a very important role in ranking website high on the search engine result pages. Business owners spend a lot of money on Search Engine Optimization to have “friendly search engine” website to outrank their competitors. But it is important to understand that this ranking advantage only works for keyword rick domains. By aligning your domain name tactics with search intent of your audience, you have a better chance to be found, and you also increase the possibility that they will actually click on the search result. There are two important benefits of having a keyword rich domain for SEO, which includes:

High Rankings

A well-chosen, keyword rich domain can have a positive implications on your rankings, as the search engines treat the domains as one of their ranking aspect. It is significant to not that choosing a keyword rick domain alone will not improve the ranking, but rather it is one piece of an integrated, well executed SEO strategy.

Click Through Rate

When a user get involves in Google search, the keywords which have been used by the user are bolded in the result. By holding these terms, Google highlights the relevancy of these results to search query which often leads to more click in search result. More click can eventually help your website rank better for those keywords. Regardless of the Panda and Penguin crackdown, gearing your site keyword rich domain name can pull the trigger to improve CTR. One thing’s for sure, the clearest benefit reveals on bold appearance of URL linked to your site’s keyword.

How Search Engine Treat Domain Name Keywords

 While it might be true that the search engine take into consideration keywords in the domain name. It is also imperative to consider that how much traffic it will get you. Search engines do credit you for the keywords in your domain name, but it’s mostly so that your customers can find you. Though, more essential is the competitiveness of those keywords. A very broad, competitive keyword domain name will still be very hard to rank for.

A keyword rich domain names grasp the number 1 and 2 spot for Google SERP’s over the given data. At present, Google is giving sites with keywords in domain name more power over sites that do not have keywords in domain name.